NanLite MixPanel 150 Softbox
NanLite MixPanel 150 Softbox

Specially designed for Nanlite MixPanel 150, the softbox mounts directly onto the fixture via touch fasteners and softens the output of the bright LEDs and also reduces contrast.

·Flattering Light --- The NanLite MixPanel 150 Softbox removes the harshness of raw LED light, while also reducing light loss via a reflective silver interior.   
· Quick Set-Up --- No speed ring is required for mounting. Instead, touch fastener straps slip over the fixture;  
· Folds Flat --- The speed ring-less design also enables the softbox to fold completely flat for easy transport and storage;  
· Includes Fabric Grid --- For additional control of light spill and added directionality, the included fabric grid can be mounted via touch-fasteners;



Size: 50×45×21cm/19×18×8''    

Compatible light : MixPanel 150

Weight : 0.36KG/0.79lb

Fabric Eggcrate: Incuded

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