CB-FZ-12M Forza 8 Pin DC Connection Cable 12M
CB-FZ-12M Forza 8 Pin DC Connection Cable 12M

Great durability:
The cable features silica gel coating and strengthened core for high tensile strength and better folding endurance, allowing for great durability and safety in use. 

Stable transmission:
The cable's anti-interference ability is enhanced while the radiation level is reduced by combining the power wires and the signal wires in one and also with the signal cable shielded by wired mesh and aluminum foil. The cables core uses high purity copper to boost conduction and lower resistance, thus power supply and data transmission are well guaranteed.  

Longer and more flexible:
The cable extends by 40% over the previous generation to 12M owing to circuit optimization while still guaranteeing efficient signal transmission. The improvement in turn can significantly expand the range for wire control and power supply to provide more flexibility for cable management on a set that requires high rigging and long distance connection.    

Compatible with:
Forza series fixtures with 8-Pin output socket on its control box, for instance, Forza 300 II/300B II, Forza 500 II/500B II, Forza 720 and Forza 720B. 

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