270WH 26V V-Mount Battery
270WH 26V V-Mount Battery

NANLITE 26V 270Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery. Is an excellent on-location power source for high-intensity NANLITE fixtures such as the Forza 500 and Mixpanel 150 as well as cine cameras and other pro LED lights. Featuring a 12A maximum working current, no memory effect Li-Ion cells, and an effective working temperature range between -4 to 131°F. The battery can be charged on a separately available 26V charger, either single (BT-CGV-26V-1) or dual bay.(BT-CGV-26V-1)

BT-V-26V270 Compatible with: Forza 500, MixPanel 150, lasts for 1.5 hours at a full brightness when using 230WH battery

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