160WH 14.8V V-mount Battery
160WH 14.8V V-mount Battery

The NANLITE BT-V-14.8V160 lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 160Wh,with long life rechargeable cells  that delievers up to 12A of continuous power.

The battery can be charged with the NANLITE 14.8V battery charger or any other 14.8V V-Mount battery charger.

BT-V-14.8V160 Compatible with: MixPanel 60, Forza 60/60B, Forza 300/300B
The NANLITE BT-V-14.8V160 V-Mount battery will provide 3 hours of runtime at full power for a NANLITE Mixpanel 60, or a Forza 60/60B. A pair of these will provide upto 64 minutes runtime on a Forza 300/300B.

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