CC-S-FS Carrying Case for FS Series
CC-S-FS Carrying Case for FS Series

Sufficient space:
Good to accommodate the fixture, reflector and cables.
There is a fixing strap on the bag, which is for light stand picking up.


Compartmental storage
It has built-in spaced cushioning, adjustable layout, provides convenient rearrangement for the fixture and accessories, to reduce the bump and slip possibility.


Lightweight & high quality:
Exterior oxford fabric, strong and wear resistant, interior PE foam lining, shakeproof and moistureproof.


Portability design:
With hand-held strap and shoulder strap, the design of hook and loop fastener and shoulder pad greatly improve the convenience and comfort for run and gun shooting.


Compatible with:
Nanlite FS series (not includes FS-60B), and available for collecting all commonly used light stands

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