Nanlite 8 Tube Lights Frame with Softbox
Nanlite 8 Tube Lights Frame with Softbox

Key Features:

Every tube can be firmly fixed on the frame by two clips on each vertically placed row. The structure also comes with cable ties on the back designed for the adapter, reasonably laid out for better routing and hiding all the wires. 
The frame can be attached onto Junior Pin light stand;
The softbox is supported and secured in place by 4 sturdy and high-temperature resistent rods;

Optic Design:

The double diffuser design with one inner diffuser and another optional lite or standard diffuser on top, allows for even light distribution outwards transforming line sources into surface source. Ideal for creating stylistic ambient light when setting to the pixel effect mode. 

Compatible with:
PavoTube 30C/II 30X 8KIT;
Other T12 tube lights with a similar size in the market

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