Barndoor with eggcrate for PavoTube II 15X
Barndoor with eggcrate for PavoTube II 15X

Effective Light control and Shaping

Effectively control beam angle with ease


Menu Display Window

The display screen is no longer blocked, allowing for fine adjustments when fitted


Mounting access

Convenient for mounting to clamps or for being used handheld


Highly flexible and versatile

Removable eggcrate, tiltable barndoors, meet the requirements of precise light control and shaping




1. Fix both clips at either end, ensuring the arms fold upwards in line with the beam angle

2. Install the adjustable barndoors, ensuring a tight-fitting of both ends

3. Attach the eggcrate in line with the velcro tabs, once fitted adjust to ensure minimal light leak

Product Size: 54cm

Product Weight:  0.105kg

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