• Q: Is PavoTube II 6C compatible with existed PavoTube Accessories?
    A: Yes, PavoTube II 6C can fit in all the PavoTube accessories except Barndoors.
  • Q: How to reset the Bluetooth, is it different for different light fixtures?
    A: Yes, you will need to press buttons or knobs for different light fixtures. Take PavoTube II X-Series light for example: press SWITCH until you are at BT:RESET, then press "+", and "SWITCH", and press "+" again to make the Bluetooth reset.
  • Q: Does the Forza 60 comes with Bowens mount?
    A: The Forza 60 do not comes with Bowens mount, but we have an optional Bowens mount adapter for Forza 60 that makes it possible to match with Bowens mount accessories.
  • Q: What batteries is recommended for Forza 300?
    A: We recommend 14.8V/12A V-mount battery for Forza 300.
  • Q: How to set the remote control for our fixtures?
    A: Now most of our fixtures built-in 2.4Ghz receiver, enabling them to be remotely controlled by remote controller or by APP via the 2.4G transfer device. (Note: 2.4G remote controller or 2.4 transfer device sold separately.)
  • Q: How to deal with if the fixture damaged after receiving the goods?
    A: Please do not use and contact place of purchase or Nanlite as soon as possible.

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