• Q: Is it necessary to make the firmware update one version by one version until the latest one?
    A: No need. You could download the latest firmware version from our official website and make the update directly, under the condition that you follow the correct steps.
  • Q: Any precautions when sign up the the Nanlink app?
    A: Please make sure that your register name is less than 18 digits, and the password should be 6 to 12 digits. The verification code will be sent to your mailbox by us, which is 4 digits.
  • Q: What's functions of Console mode in the Nanlink app?
    A: In the Console mode, you could see all the separate fixtures and groups in the same interface, and you could switch on & off directly and adjust the DIM immediately for them.
  • Q: If I turn off the fan of Forza 150, the intensity on the light fixture could be only set to 25%. But why it could be set to 100% on the app?
    A: It is because there are different intensity setting when the fan are turned off on different light fixtures, e.g. it is 25% in Forza 150, 30% in Forza 60, and 15% in Forza 200. If we show this on the app, the UI design interface of the APP will be much more. Besides, for those light fixtures can be only connected via WS-TB-1 box, their functions are defined by the box, so there is only one data they could default, and it is not practical to set different intensity for different light fixtures. For app control, take Forza 150 for example, the maximum intensity is 25% when the fan is turned off, and it is also showed 25% on the app, but the intensity of light fixture will not change even though you set the from 26% to 100%.
  • Q: Shall I keep the WS-TB-1 box charged when it is used?
    A: Yes, you can.
  • Q: If we control the light fixtures with Bluetooth module, like PavoTube II X and Forza 60B, is there any advantage with the WS-TB-1 box through 2.4G connection? Or is it better to connect them through Bluetooth directly? There are more functions with Bluetooth connection, but how about the stability?
    A: There are advantages independently: For PavoTube II X light fixtures, their Bluetooth module support mesh function. So for multi lights controls, if you connect them via Bluetooth, it will be convenient and with more functions such as the pixel effects. For Forza 60B, their Bluetooth module don’t support mesh function. For such light fixtures, if you have expectation for group control, it will be more advantageous through the WS-TB-1 box.
  • Q: Q: When we use the WS-TB-1 box to APP control the light fixtures without Bluetooth module, like PavoTube 30C or 15C, can we APP control the light fixtures without 2.4G module at the same time, like MixPad II?
    A: A: Yes, you can.
  • Q: The difference and connection between GROUP EFFECT and PIXEL EFFECT?
    A: GROUP EFFECT means to control effect based on group and PIXEL EFFECT is based on pixel. Only those light fixtures with pixels have pixel effect. If through Bluetooth connection, only the same model of light fixtures could be composed a group, and to achieve group effect. If through 2.4G connection, the group will be sorted out by single-color, bi-color, full-color G/M adjustable and full-color no G/M function light fixtures, and to achieve group effect.
  • Q: Why the COB protective cap could not match all light fixtures?
    A: We have two kinds of COB protective caps. The AS-CAP-BW COB protective cap could be compatible with Forza 300, Forza 500, FS-200 and FS-300. The AS-CAP-BW-B COB protective cap could be compatible with Forza 200, Forza 300B, Forza 720, Forza 720B and FS-150.
  • Q: If we don't make the firmware update for the light fixtures, the Nanlink app could not search out them ?
    A: NO, the app could not search out the light fixtures.

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