How to change scenes with lighting | NANLITE Forza, Mixpanel & PavoTube


It is known that we constantly need to change scenes on set and rapidly, which require corresponding lighting solutions, making the processes very tricky. In this scene, we show you how to use MixPanel, Forza and PavoTube to set up specific scenes and simplify the switching process from an office scene to a bar scene, by creating lighting zones and changing the set to make the transition.

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 Due to the evolving global situation with COVID-19 many of us are having to self-quarantine at home. At this challenging time, we as a truly global brand, would like to reassure you that our commitment and service to our customers and staff will not be compromised.

 Given the current circumstances, creatives have found many  creative ways to continue working despite being stuck at home. Many have embrace tele-productions and live-streaming like never before. We will soon also have a regular live-stream series to show you our key products and also the different lighting solutions for shooting products at home. 

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 We are ALL in this together and we will continue to support you the very best we can during these uncertain times.

Thank you for your trust and understanding.


 On behalf of all of us at NANLITE, stay safe and healthy! 





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