BSC Exhibition 2022


In 2020 they asked 'Who are Nanlite' 
In 2022 they asked "What are Nanlite doing next'


Two Years is All It Took

After two years of waiting the Nanguang family made a bold stance at BSC 2022 showcasing industry-leading tech from Nanlux, Nanlite and Nanlink here are how it all went down, keep an eye on our YouTube channel for our highlights!
As an exciting new brand, Nanlite attended BSC in 2020 and many asked 'who we were'. After two years of hard work and it's clear we have grown in many ways and took new brands-NANLUX and NANLINK at BSC 2022, our proud customers asked us 'What is coming next'! 
This difference in question shows the anticipation of our customers and the respect they have for what new boundaries we will push next! 
A great place to engage with us is in our growing community to see where we will be next.
British Cinematographer Interview


— Nanlux and Nanlite gained adoption worldwide —


BSC Focus: The Brightest Bi-color Light in the World 


— NANLITE Forza 720B —


Without a doubt, the Forza 720 and 720B caught a lot of people's attention! The world's brightest Bi-color COB is a must-have and has proved Nanlite's ability to listen to its customers and develop its products to compete in an ever-changing market! 

Colorful Ideas: RGBWW Light Fixtures


— PavoTube II X Series, PavoBulb 10C, PavoTube T8-7X —


Weeks before BSC we announced our very own smart bulb designed for filmmakers!

NANLITE also has RGBWW light fixtures for creative production, making innovations to light up every inspiration sparkle from creators.


Editor: Luke Curtis



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