The food photography with NANLITE Forza 500


Last time, we share with you how does photographing food highlight its nature 

and make it  feel alive.
Today, come with us to see what kind of food will be photographed!
1st  frames + 2rd frames
Food: flour 
Forza 500 with Fresnel lens and CTO to simulate the snow mountain covered with sunshine scene. Move away the lens and raise the Forza gradually to simulate the rising sun.
Then remove the Fresnel lens/CTO, put the hologram paper in front of the Forza 500 to simulate the aurora scene.
3rd frames
Using a small lamp to simulate a small sun.
Forza 500 as the ambient light to simulate a sunny scene.
4th frames
Food :Crystal sugar

Set up one  Forza 500 for the top and one Forza 500 for the background to capture the inner structure. 

The crystals illuminated by the Forza 500 looks like stalactites.



5th frames 

Food: salmon

Spread a layer of salmon on the bottom and mix with different shells to build an outworld.



6th frames


Set up one Forza 500 on the right side to simulate the sunlight. 



Please kindly check the above to see how NANLITE Forza 500 bring you excellent light effect in the high frame rate picture. 

For more detail, kindly check the video as below.
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