The food photography with NANLITE Forza 500

Taste is invisible, how does photographing food highlight its nature and make it feel alive ? Come with us to experience the sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and sweet by the final video image expression.

The following content was shot by Forza 500,which with 500W high brightness feature, keeps the shooting with excellent light effect in the high frame rate picture.  

The trick of good photography is to photography tempting food. Forza is fully capable of this particular type of shooting with high brightness and frequency when shooting over a thousand frames.

 Check out the final result from the video.
 For more details of the Forza500, please click  here.
In the future, we hope that Forza 500 could provide more lighting solution for you. NANGUANG will keep sharing the works with you, thanks for attention again.
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