How to change scenes with lighting | NANLITE Forza, Mixpanel & PavoTube



In this application, we will inllustrate detailed on how to switch process from office scene to bar scene. For the teams with low budget, being able to save cost is also an essential reflection of teamwork capacity. They need to ensure high-quality output under limited cost.

So how to naturally switch scenes? In addition to the cooperation of models, lighting control is more important to make the whole image more harmonious.


Firstly, a MixPanel 150 is set as background lighting, selecting Disco flash mode in special effect mode to easily create a large-area background light.



Then a MixPanel 60 is set as the key light for the bar, it's bright output can light up the whole scene without add with any accessories. Parameters and G/M balance can be slightly adjusted to create the required hue.


Except for the key, we also used the PavoTube as the ambient light for the bar. Liner light is easy to hide but also could cross in the scene.


Set the PavoTubes with same address and connet our APP with the Wifi transfer device, then we can adjust the PavoTube via the APP wirelessly.


The overall lighting setup:



All ready, action!

By covering the notebook and pulling back the background panel, a group of friends drinking and cheering, presenting two different lighting to switch two scenes.

Through the switching of the lighting, character performance, scene setting, it's easy to switching between two scenes seamlessly!







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