How to change scenes with lighting | NANLITE Forza, Mixpanel & PavoTube

It is known that we constantly need to change scenes on set rapidly, which require corresponding lighting solutions and the whole lighting effect will also need overall changes, making the processes very tricky. In this video we will show you how to use MixPanel, Forza and PavoTube to set up specific scenes and simplify the switching process from the office scene to the bar scene.

In this application, we will demonstrate how to set up the office scene, please come to check with us as below.

The required lighting fixtures: MixPanel, Forza and PavoTube.



A background panel will be the crucial step of the scene switch. The scene props to simulate the office scene include an office desk and background panel.



The Forza 60 with Fresnel lens is used as the top light to light up the face of the figure.



Mixpanel is responsible for the background light of the whole office scene. The mellow light in soft light mode cast from Mixpanel illuminates the surroundings.



The overall lighting setup




To smoothly switch between both scenes not only requires the changes of the light but also the movement of the actors. Next time, we will show you how to set up the bar scene.

Please stay stuned!




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