NANLITE Forza Application_ Furniture works sharing 

NANLITE held a live stream of furniture shooting on December 2019 , which people can watch the shooting scene synchronously and have a real experience.  
Longjun photographer educated us how to provide the lighting solution and how to simulate ambient light indoors at the scene.
Now , come with us to see the works !

Furniture shooting

It's our honor to invited Longjun photographer who is famous in furniture photography on this activity. 

He is strict about lighting fixture and final decided to use the NANLITE Forza series after many tests . The NANLITE Forza  also showed their advantages greatly during the shooting process. 

Lighting transition is even high CRI , greatly reduce the late modification and save the project time.

The Forza 500 is also suitable for shooting large items and scenes.

Next,pls follow us to see two scenes.

Four Forza 300 and lots of black /white flag were used to create the soft light environment.
 Form outside window light source which reflected it from reflector.

           Hard light simulates sunlight exposure.

    Total of 5 Forza 300 and 1 Forza 500 are used in this shooting.

      In order to enhance the depth of the image, the Forza 300+ Fresnel lens is specially used to simulate the feeling of sunlight coming in through the window.

                  Please kindly click or download the video here to learn more detail. 

More high-definition picture , pls click here
More detail of Forza 500, pls  CLICK HERE.
          In the future, we hope that Forza 500 could provides more lighting solution for you .
              NANGUANG will keep sharing the works with you , thanks for attention again! 


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