NANLITE MixPanel travel to the desert 

                  Today, we would like to share a shooting experience of MixPanel from Jin fanxiao, which is from Communication university of China with his shooting experience using MixPanel in the desert!

Compared to ARRI's S series panel light:
NANLITE MixPanel 150 is more lightweight with only 9.0 lb. 
For ARRI's S series panel light, it can only safely lifted by using a two-section swing and a fishing rod.
At the same time, the ordinary V-lock battery can not provide stable voltage for its high power, and requires a separately battery. But for the MixPanel 150, we could just use Easyrig to suspend the MixPanel 150 on top of the character, and powered by V-mount battery to make an extremely dramatic lighting effect without using a crane.
Except for MixPanel’s lightweight and portable design with high bright output, we also found that MixPanel's amazing function, especially its gel mode, which make it possible to imitate lighting scenarios . 
In the future, we hope that MixPanel could provides more lighting solution for you .NANGUANG will keep sharing the works with you , thanks for attention again! 
Lighting solution for the shooting in the desert
Considering the limited shooting time, and there is no power supply provided for outdoor shooting in the desert, so we choose to bring three frames and black butterfly cloth, a few plastic foam boards, and a MixPanel with it's softbox that does not require a large power supply.                        
During the shooting, we found that the light quality provided by the MixPanel with it’s official regular square softbox was exactly what we wanted.
Powering by battery and easy setup of the softbox for MixPanel help us to save many times in the shooting. 
We ended up four scenes shooting in almost 10 hours, MixPanel provided it's quality and performance that shooting in the desert. Please click here to check the final work
          For more details of the MixPanel,
          please click here.                                                                                  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////




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