Ferrari Commercial Shooting


Following is a Ferrari shooting analysis with NANLITE Forza 500 and Pavotube as the main fixtures.

Slightly different with Mercedes-Benz, the surface material of Ferrari  is matt which can better to show the texture under the light. It will create different visual effect by using NANLITE Forza 500 and PavoTube.

So, let's enjoy the big film shooting of Ferrari!


Shooting analysis

Panoramic shooting

Put a large white cloth on the roof and shine light on it via Forza 500, which  will reflected onto the body, then build a sliding rail and shooting from near to far.

Eight Forza 500 are used to shape the lines of the body. Unlike Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari's lines are more sharp. Therefore, body shooted by the Forza 500 from different angles is extremely amazing.



Aperture 5.6

Shutter 1/125

ISO 500

Use the Nanguang APP via mobilephone to control the process of lighting from dark to bright, shooting from far to near. It is said that the mobile APP control can really play more possibility.




Aperture 8

Shutter 1/125

ISO 500

There is also a curved rail slide to make a curved slide shooting with the same lighting setup.


Shooting of the rear

Change the position of the car in order to shoot the rear part of the car. Using the big butterfly cloth to soften the light and use the soft cover/white flag to reflect the side waistline, and shape the line with the PavoTube at the bottom.

It is also shooting in curve way.

Could you found that? When in the car shooting, the Forza 500 is used to shoot the butterfly cloth in different angles, or via the reflector to reflect the light on the car.

The gaffer who charge the shooting for the car said that it usually need 5K tungsten or HMI lamp for the car shooting, but now Forza 500 can meet the shooting requirements with it's amazing output.


Sweep light with PavoTube

The Froza 500 is used for ambient light, which move Pavotube to over different parts to capture light effects.

In the taillights, the Pavotube are used to move up and down whcih taillights form a line source to move up and down.

Shoot the "Ferrari" logo. 

Sweep the light in various ways, from top to bottom and left to right.

Also shooting the sweep light with PavoTube for headlight and front mirror.

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