Mercedes Benz Commercial Shooting


In the previous case , you will easy found that the product that we shooting was from small products to large objects. Today, the shooting object was a giant car-Mercedes Benz.



This time , NANLITE team joined the shooting team to finish this project in a limited time. 

Forza 500 as the main products in this shooting. How big power that it has? Now just come with us to discover the power of Forza 500 and check the shooting techniques as below.



Let's check the final work with the BTS!




It's would be more easier for lighting setup when shooting small objects, which could easily achieved the scene  just with 2-3 small lights . While shooting for a car that such a big object it's a great challenge for our team.

In terms of lighting, it is naturally necessary to use more powerful light like Forza 500 with amazing high output up to 75290 Lux 5600K at 1 meter and mulit-fuction.




Shooting analysis


Headlight shooting

In the past few applications, you will easy to find that the effect of sweep light  is the essence of the application!

The technique of smoving the light was used in lots of scenario.


Separate lighting fixture and power box desigh, also with lightweight desigh make it possible to pick up the fixture to sweep the light.




Mercedes-Benz logo shooting

It is also the same step to sweep the light to capture the Mercedes-Benz logo, and the light is reflected in instead of directly light on the object. 



We can see that Forza 500's high power could completely meet the shooting requirement  when shooting at a long distance and in such a large scence.




Rear light shooting

Add the light with Fresnel lens and barndoor to gathered the light to form a strip-shaped light, which made it more easily in light shaping.




Car mirror shooting

It usually takes a long time to setup the light for an shooting angle, also need to setup the light for every part of the car in order to reflect the line of the car.



Here we used 4pcs Forza 500 for the lighting setup of this scenario.




Shooting for the  rear sign of the car

Cutting light is also a commonly used technique. Use the black flag to cut the light to make the light changes in the scene.



Here we only two Forza 500 to setup the light, one is for back light and the other one for light-cutting.




Panoramic shooting

After the analysis of the partial shots, let's talk about the panoramic shots. The panoramic shots in the video have two parts, the shots for the side of the car is shooting by two Forza 500 with Fresnel lenses and in order to finished a satisfactory shot ,our team move two black flags with several hundred times.





Another panoramic shots is shooting the large white butterfly cloth with the light of Forza 500 on the top , reflected the move the light on the top of the car.



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