Versace Perfume Commercial Shooting

How many ways of TV commercial shootings can you think of?

We found that we could show the texture of objects in various ways when we were doing the shooting of Bulgari rings.

In this episode, we are going to tell you how to harness other elements to exhibit the object itself and make the scene more vivid.

It is not hard to tell that the objects not only takes on the light changing, but also other qualities by adding lots of different elements in this video, which is very interesting. Let's have take a look.

Shooting analysis


Choose a white PVC board, lay it down and fix its edges to keep it flat. Fix the camera, move the Forza 60 installed with the handle to change the light angle.

We can see the changes of the shadow if we slow down the moving process.

Parameter: FPS:60P  Shutter:1/125  Aperture:F5  ISO:800


It is time for the Fresnel lens to get on stage!Adjust the beam angle of the Fresnel lens to 10°, then move the Forza 60 to make front shots and high angle shots of the pot of mint. It is really convenient to use a Forza 60 anywhere you like when it is mounted on the handle!



With a Fresnel lens, the illumination of Forza 60 can easily reach 23860lux at 1 meter, which is bright enough to simulate the sunlight.

The moving of the light makes the mint look robust and vigorous.


Parameter:  FPS:30P  Shutter:1/60  Aperture:F11   ISO:640




Fix the ball-flower on the C-stand, and use micro-lens to capture the lighting changes inside the ball-flower. 

Use the micro-lens with moving lighting, the water drops on the petals look glittering like diamonds and stereoscopic.


Parameter:   FPS:60P   Shutter:1/125   Aperture:F2.8   ISO:800








Another shooting for the leaves, spray some water on the leaves to simulate the ones after heavy rain, then install a mirror beside the lens to make the water drops sparkling. 

Fold the barn door on the the Fresnel lens to focus the light. The mirror can not only soften the image but also help create a sparkling effect.



We can see a cross shape reflected light on the droplets in the final video.


Parameter:  FPS:120P   Shutter:1/250   Aperture:F8   ISO:640




Have you found that? Even when you are shooting the same object, you can use different ways to create different shooting scenes. How charming is the creativity!





Cover the Forza 60 with a blue filter paper, choose a black background, and you can use the mobile phone APP control through the WIFI control box to adjust the light.

Place the Forza 60 cover with blue filter paper right behind the perfume to cast light down at an angle of 45 degrees on the perfume. The Pavotube is set aside as the background light with a white flag on each side so as to create a sense of metal texture.




Then, here comes the sprayer. Most people may think of the effect as the one by particle emitter, but the truth is that it is just by a sprayer with high frame shooting.



Parameter:   FPS:120P   Shutter:1/400    Aperture:F3.5   ISO:800




As it is known to us that Forza 60 contains four special effects, and we will use one of them in this shooting, the Flash mode.

Use a Forza 60 as the background light covered by a filter paper, then put it close to the background cloth to form a small light spot, which reflect and show its upper half in the lower part of the scene.

Adjust the Forza 60 to get the lighting mode, which offer a flashing effect in the scene.






There are two ways of using the Pavotube as a moving light source, one of which is holding the Pavotube parallel to the desk above the perfume and moving it horizontally while the other is using the Pavotube as a moving background light with a Forza 60 set on the lateral to offer a soft light though the white flag.

Since Povatube can offer linear light source, the texture of the object can be better exhibited when a moving linear light runs across the surface.


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