Make Armani brilliant by using light and shadow

How to use light to express the texture of the reflective objects?

And how to express those non-reflective objects such as watchband?


Please watch the video as below.


The preparation before the shooting

Two Armani watches,Black glove,Forza 60

Shooting analysis


Set up the white flag by putting it right over the watch with a vertical angle of 45 degrees, then set up the camera at a lateral angle, which is constantly used in this episode. Use a Pavotube to create the moving light on the surface of the watch.

Then it can form a line source on the watch surface and the moving effect as well.


Parameter:  FPS:60P       Shutter:1/125      Aperture:F4.5      ISO:200


Move the Forza 60 to make the watch’s surface reflectiveand changing the scene from dark to bright.

Parameter:  FPS:60P       Shutter:1/125      Aperture:F8      ISO:400


Spread a piece of leather on the desk and crease it, then put the watch in the middle.


Parameter:  FPS:120P       Shutter:1/250      Aperture:F4.5      ISO:200




Then use the PavoTube to sweep the light, change the angle of the camera and descend it, then keep sweeping the light.

Parameter:  FPS:120P       Shutter:1/250      Aperture:F4.5      ISO:200


Rotating the Pavotube for the shooting scene of the leather.

Giving a feeling that the light and shadow is flowing.




Change the watchband with a green one, then move the Pavotube from left to right and from front to back as a moving light source, shooting the details with high frame.

The details of the watch is revealed comprehensively and perfectly, which unveils the amazing texture and lines of the watchband. The light at the edge is also every smooth, which makes the whole scene looks comfortable.

So that's the instruction of watch shooting.

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