PavoTube II 15X/30X/60X Waterproof Tube
PavoTube II 15X/30X/60X Waterproof Tube

Ultimate Protection

IP68 rated protection, applicable for underwater or rainy settings, with a maximum depth of 10 meters underwater protection


1/4-20 Mount Compatible

Compatible with the widely used  1/4-20 mounts located at both ends allowing for easy attachment to meet more shooting needs


Octagonal Design

Octagonal structures both ends, easy fixing


High light transmission ratio (LTR)

LTR>95%, reduces spill of light, ensuring the quality of light

T12 design

Compatible Products: PavoTube II 15X/30X/60X

Product Size:

15X  φ58×677mm

30X  φ58×1217mm

60X  φ58×2297mm


Product Weight:

15X  0.48kg

30X  0.65kg

60X  1.4kg

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