Compac 100/100B Round/Lantern Softbox
Compac 100/100B Round/Lantern Softbox
The SB-CP100-R/LT-CP100-R round/lantern softboxes are specially designed and fitted for NANLITE Compac 100 and Compac 100B. This new accessories offers a quick softer light solution, soften the quality of your LED light while increasing its spread, and produce a more evenlysource of light, which is perfect for large-scale environment and widely use in live stream, portraits, commercial photography and videography, and much more. 

A softer, more evenly and larger fill light solution for Compac 100/100B
Ideal to raise the ambient illumination level, the SB-CP100-R/LT-CP100-R  round/lantern softbox from NANLITE are the soft modifiers for Compac 100/100B. The design make the Compac panel light produce a softer, more evenly spread light steam, perfect for large-scale environment. 

Lantern and round softbox for more versatility

NANLITE specially design two versions modifiers for the Compac panel --The Lantern softbox and round softbox. The lantern softbox has a full diffusion cloth, widens the beam spread and is used more for overhead lighting. While the round softbox comes with black fabric arouns its light-emitting surface, which narrows its beam of light and provides more directional control of output.

Space-saving, easy to set up and storage

The SB-CP100-R/LT-CP100-R round/lantern softbox is designed at a space-saving structure make them more portable than other types of softbox. With the velcro straps on the back that allows for quick setup and break down. When your done shooting just twist the softbox into a curved shape, then fold and pack it into the included carrying bag.


Dimension: 76.5 x 63.0 x 15.8cm/30.1 x 24.8 x 6.2in

Compatibility: NANLITE Compac 100, Compac 100B

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