Bvlgari Ring Commercial Shooting

Countless lighting solutions are available with two pcs Forza 60.

Come with us to check the few scenes as below to see how we shooting for TVC advertising.

Shooting analysis


Spread the golden paper on the workbench and shooting with the lens from up to down. The low position Forza 60 with softbox on the positive side to increase dimensionality. The high position Forza 60 with soft flag to increase the metal texture.

Then shake the two Forza 60 and keep the camera in position, you will found that the change of light enriches the scenes.

Parameter:FPS:60P       Shutter:1/125           Aperture:F5      ISO:250


For the added element, use the soft light in low position to control the light of the dark part and the light in high position to increase the metal texture.


This shot is generated by the movement of the subject. One Forza 60 at the side to increase the texture of the subject, another Forza 60 as the side backlight to higglight the outline.

Moving the necklace up and down makes the subject move up and down in the picture, which makes the subject more vivid.


Hang the ring and make the light on the sides, fill the light on the right side with plastic foam board, the camera position is 90° with the light, then turn the ring.

Parameter:FPS:120P        Shutter:1/320      Aperture:F4      ISO:640

From the shooting parameters we can see that the frames has been upgraded, and it's the maximum frame. Forza 60's high CRI(CRI: 98) make it easy to upgrad the frames.


In this shot, we also use the golden paper but with curved surface, it can capture the different angles of the ring.

This shot is same as the first scene, turn the two Forza 60 to make the light changes.


With the same light set up as the fifth scece, adding one more plastic foam board.

Move the plastic foam board, let the light in and out in the lens, there will be the contrast between light and shade in the scene.


Still the same lighting scene, but added a a glass column which can refracts under the light.

Turn the glass column in front of the camera, Let the light refract through the glass, giving the picture a swaying illusion.


For the gold water, many people may thought that it was done in 3D animation.

But actually it use the props as well as the optical principle to  to turn water into gold water.


Stick the gold paper on both sides of the water tank, and also on the soft flag with 45° upward, then shot the light directly on the soft flag to reflect with a Forza 60;

Spread the golden paper on the desk,shot the Forza 60 with 45° upward which is back of the camera, and the surface of the water become golden through reflection.

Then use a dropper, agitating in the water, to create the scene that the  water in the continuous emergence.

Creativity is constantly being made during the shooting and that is actual interesting.
The two Forza 60 provide a convenient basis for your creation, allowing you to focus on shooting, focus on creativity, and produce excellent works.

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